Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce is a private alternative to the often stressful and time consuming adversarial divorce.  Rather than going through litigation and having their future decided by a judge, spouses who go through the collaborative process maintain a greater degree of control over their future.  Collaborative divorce differs from traditional divorce in that, along with their attorneys, both parties will meet with a mental health coach and financial professional in order to reduce the stressors and antagonistic nature of the divorce process.  The goal of each professional involved in the collaborative process is to reach a settlement that both parties are comfortable with. Collaborative divorce is especially helpful to spouses with minor children who will continue to be in each other’s lives after the divorce.

Attorneys David Sayward and Anthony Muir are both trained in collaborative divorce.  David Sayward is a pioneer in the collaborative process and Anthony Muir currently serves on the board of the New Hampshire Collaborative Law Alliance.

For more information about Collaborative Law and to see if it is right for you, visit the website of the New Hampshire Collaborative Law Alliance.

Our Team of Collaborative Law Attorneys

David Sayward is a litigator with over 35 years of experience in civil litigation and domestic relations.  In David’s domestic relations practice, he is a firm believer in thorough preparation, sensitivity to his clients who are going through a very emotionally difficult time, and in attempting to settle divorce cases to enable his clients to control their futures and legal costs. On the other hand, David is fully capable and prepared to litigate cases, if a reasonable settlement cannot be achieved.

Anthony Muir joined the firm as an associate in 2015.  Anthony graduated from UNH Law as a member of the Daniel Webster Scholars Honors Program and served as an officer on UNH Law Review.  Anthony puts treating his clients with compassion and respect at the forefront of his practice.  Anthony believes in allowing his clients to control their own destinies and he works intelligently and diligently towards obtaining the settlement or verdict his clients desire and deserve.

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