COVID-19 New Hampshire Courts Update

           The COVID-19 Pandemic has majorly impacted the New Hampshire Court system.  Most Court functions are closed to the public outside of emergency situations through until May 25th or the end of the declared State of Emergency.  Below are links to the Emergency Orders impacting the Circuit Courts, Superior Courts, and Supreme Courts. 

           Even though the majority of court functions have been suspended, it is our experience that Courts are still accepting new filings. Deadlines set to expire on May 4th are not extended, tolled, or suspended by this order. Even during the pandemic, our attorneys have been working on Divorce petitions with new clients for filing in both contested and uncontested cases. Additionally, Courts are still accepting emergency filings and holding some hearings telephonically. If you have any questions regarding these orders and how they may impact you, or would like to discuss a new case with us, please reach out to one of our attorneys at Soule, Leslie, Kidder, Sayward & Loughman.

Second Renewed and Amended Order Suspending In-Person Court Proceedings related to Superior Court

Second Renewed and Amended Emergency Order Governing New Hampshire Supreme Court Proceedings and Restricting Access to the Supreme Court Building

Second Renewed and Amended Order Suspending In-person Court Proceedings Related To New Hampshire Circuit Court and Restricting Public Access To Courthouses