Is Getting Divorced Expensive?

           Is getting divorced expensive? This is a question we are asked frequently.  The unfortunate answer is “it depends.” The cost of divorce varies based on the complexity of the case.  More complex cases may include fault matters, complex financial and debt division, and contentious custody issues.  However, cases may be more affordable where the issues are simpler or where both parties are committed to coming to an amicable resolution in an “uncontested divorce.”  

           At Soule, Leslie, Kidder, Sayward, & Loughman, we are firm believers in our clients controlling the outcomes and costs of their cases.  As a result, we do our best to analyze the issues involved in your case at the initial consultation to try to find out what issues may be contentious and what issues their may be some agreement on with your spouse. Based on the level of agreement, it may be cost effective for us to simply provide your spouse with an offer to settle the case before even filing a petition for divorce. Then, if an agreement is reached, a joint petition could be filed, eliminating the need for more expensive and contentious litigation. In other cases, it may make financial sense to meet with a mediator to try to resolve the outstanding issues. Finally, there are some cases where settlement is not an advisable option due to an unreasonable position taken by the opposing party, and trial becomes necessary. These cases tend to be the most expensive, though settlement may still be discussed at any point during the litigation process.

           No matter the complexity, our attorneys are committed to working in an efficient, thoughtful, and cost effective manner to reduce legal expenses and to produce the results our clients deserve. If you are interested in discussing your case or the divorce process, please contact one of our attorneys today.