Divorce and Parenting Mediation

Divorce and parenting disputes are some of the most stressful and emotionally draining conflicts that individuals ever have to deal with.  Attorney Anthony Muir offers services as a Family Mediator with the goal of helping individuals through these difficult conflicts.  A “Family Mediator” is an impartial third person, who, with the consent of the individuals in a family dispute, assists and enables the parties to work together to reach a mutually satisfactory settlement.

Successful mediation helps individuals to resolve their dispute and get a divorce and/or a parenting plan without ever having to set foot inside of a courtroom.  Mediation is a confidential process which can resolve the facilitation of problem solving between the parties with respect to:

(1)  Parental rights and responsibilities;

(2)  Child and spousal support;

(3)  The division of assets and liabilities; and

(4)  Other topics of potential dispute in the context of divorce or parenting matter;

Anthony Muir has several years of experience as a family law litigation attorney dealing with complex and emotional cases in the courtroom setting. This experience has provided Anthony with a strong understanding of the laws and potential outcomes of litigated divorce cases in courts, allowing him to utilize both a facilitative and evaluative mediation approach. Although litigation is sometimes appropriate where the parties are unable or unwilling to reach an agreement, Anthony believes that mediation is preferable in many cases as a cost efficient alternative to court litigation because it helps the parties have control over the outcome of their cases and lives without the risks, stress, and heartache of a court battle.

Anthony Muir is currently accepting new mediation cases. If you would like to inquire about hiring Anthony as a mediator, you may either email Anthony at muir@soulefirm.com or call him at (603) 898-9776, extension 219. Our office is conveniently located in Salem, New Hampshire.

Anthony Muir has completed the 48 hour Certified Family Mediator Training Program approved by the New Hampshire Office of Professional Licensure and Certification.

In addition to Anthony Muir’s work as a family mediator, he practices as a Family Law Litigation Attorney in New Hampshire and Massachusetts and has served on the Board of Directors for the New Hampshire Collaborative Law Alliance.

Why Choose Our Firm?

  • Understanding: We understand that family law issues result in some of the most emotionally trying experiences individuals face. We strive to guide individuals through these difficult periods with compassion and a focus on collaborative solutions.

  • Client Focused: Our clients are the most important aspect of our practice and we treat them all with the dignity and respect they deserve. We pride ourselves on our communication skills and always try to answer calls and emails within the same business day they are received.

  • Experienced: Our firm has been serving clients for over 60 years.  Our clients appreciate our proven results in the field.  We have the experience and track record of a large firm while having the personal touch of a small firm.

  • Efficient: It’s no secret that legal matters can be expensive. We work towards minimizing your costs whenever possible and pride ourselves on performing our work for you in a skillful and efficient manner. We are transparent in our billing practices and are always willing to discuss client concerns to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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